Certificate Course in Embedded System Design

Course Focus

Aware of the real need for a multidisciplinary approach, the program prepares students with in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of the underlined technologies involved in embedded systems. The program is focused on both theoretical and concrete aspects. It aims at:

  • Developing competencies, at system level design for the development of Embedded Systems, based on strong basics of complementary subjects, such as electronics, computer science, energy conversion and management, automatic control, telecommunications and networks.
  • Developing the system approach through integrated projects to master specific methods and tools applied to the following domains: aeronautics, space, automobile or multimedia.

The training covers all hardware, software and control issues of Embedded Systems within an integrated system based perspective.

Course Structure

Batches are conducted in February and August every year
24 weeks (945 hours), Lectures 2 hrs/day, Practical 5 hrs/day.

Course Fee

Rs. 85,000 (To be paid in two installment by Demand Draft drawn in favour of “ICIT Pvt. Ltd. Pune”; 1st installment of Rs. 50,000 with admission confirmation , 2nd installment to be paid by in 30 days)


BE / B. Tech. (Electronics, Electronics & Telecommunication, Instrumentation, Electrical), M.Sc. (Electronics & Instrumentation), or equivalent. Final year students may apply.

Course Syllabus

Topic - Click on topic to see details No. of hours

Programming Languages for Embedded Systems and Concepts

  • Object oriented design
  • Study of Advanced C Concepts
  • Object oriented concepts
  • Software development life cycle SDLC
  • Embedded Systems
  • Understanding of product development life cycle as per industry standards
  • Embedded GUI: Concept understanding of Embedded GUI
  • Board support package
  • BSP:Concept understanding of BSP
245 hrs

Real Time Operating Systems

  • RTOS Concepts
  • 8051 Microcontroller based RTOS Configuration
  • PIC Microcontroller based RTOS Configuration
  • ARM Chip based RTOS Configuration
50 hrs

Embedded System Programming

  • C++
  • Core Java
  • Embedded Java
  • Understanding different architectures of embedded Java
  • (J2ME,Personal Java, Embedded Java, JADEs LEAP)
  • Understanding of Embedded Java Tools
  • Application development
95 hrs

Linux Basics + Operating System + Device Drivers

  • Processor Architecture, process scheduling, Memory management
  • Inter process communication
  • Linux internals
  • Systems programming in Linux
  • Shell scripting
  • File API, process API
  • Multithreading, driver development
200 hrs

8/16/32 bit microcontroller and interfacing

  • Study of architecture
  • Interfacing concepts for new devices
  • Assembly language Programming
  • Embedded C programming
  • ARM processor
  • 32 bit architecture introduction
  • Instruction set ARM Assembly language Programming
  • Embedded C programming, and Application development
105 hrs

Embedded System Hardware Design

  • Study of data sheets
  • Selection of components
  • Power supply design
  • Microcontroller based application hardware design
40 hrs

Embedded Systems Protocols - RS232, I2C, SPI, CAN

  • RS232 protocol using 8051, PIC and ARM
  • I2C protocol with devices like RTC, EEPROMS,Thermal sensors using 8051, PIC and ARM
  • SPI protocol with Serial ADC,slave micro controllers using 8051, PIC and ARM
  • CAN protocol and it's implementation through PIC microcontroller
50 hrs

Case studies for Standard Chips used in industry for above Protocols

40 hrs

Introduction to MATLAB model development, SIMULINK

20 hrs

Communication and Soft Skills Development

20 hrs

Project Work

120 hrs
Total 945 hrs
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