MES Sectors of Assessment

ICIT Pvt. Ltd. is an Assessing Body appointed by The Directorate General of Employment and Training, Ministry of Labour, Government of India. We conduct assessments in the following Trades/Sectors:


Information and Communication Technology(ICT)

  • [ICT101] Computer Fundamentals, MS-Offi ce & Internet
  • [ICT102] Tally
  • [ICT203] Desk Top Publishing
  • [ICT104] Telecom Sales
  • [ICT205] Computer Hardware
  • [ICT206] Computer Networking
  • [ICT207] Domestic BPO
  • [ICT208] Internet Kiosk Operators
  • [ICT209] Web Designing
  • [ICT110] 2D Pre-Production Animator
  • [ICT112] Fundamentals of JAVA ™ Programming Language-SL110
  • [ICT113] BPO Non Voice business training
  • [ICT114] BPO Voice business training
  • [ICT115] 3D- Visualisation in Architecture
  • [ICT116] Architectural & Civil 2D-Drafting with AutoCAD
  • [ICT217] Classical Animation
  • [ICT218] Advanced 3D Animation Production
  • [ICT219] Print Publishing
  • [ICT220] Web Publishing
  • [ICT221] UNIX (R) Essentials Featuring the SOLARIS ™ 10 Operating System
  • [ICT222] E- Commerce-Start an On line business
  • [ICT223] LINUX Operating System
  • [ICT224] Mechanical Drafting & Modelling with Autodesk Inventor (includes AUTOCAD)
  • [ICT225] Architectural Drafting & 3D design with Autodesk
  • [ICT326] Advanced Web Publishing 10th +ICT220 300 800/-
  • [ICT327] System Administration for the SOLARIS TM 10 operating
  • [ICT328] Advanced Architectural Drafting & 3D Design with Auto desk
  • [ICT129] Behavioral Basics
  • [ICT230] Advanced Behavioral Basics
  • [ICT231] JAVA ™ Programming Language – SL 275 (Advance)
  • [ICT232] Software Testing
  • [ICT233] Interactive Media Design
  • [ICT234] Character Animation
  • [ICT235] Clean-Up for 2D Animation
  • [ICT236] In Betweening for 2D Animation
  • [ICT237] Ink and Paint for 2D Animation

Electronics (ELC)

  • [ELC101] Basic Electronics (Repair & Maintenance of Power supply, inverters and UPS
  • [ELC202] Installation & Maintenance of DTH System
  • [ELC203] Digital Videography (Editing and Mixing)
  • [ELC204] Repair & Maintenance of washing machine and microwave oven
  • [ELC205] Repair & Maintenance of TV Receiver
  • [ELC206] Maintenance & Repair of Electronic Test Equipment
  • [ELC207] Repair & Maintenance of Cellular Phone
  • [ELC208] Repair & Maintenance of Intercom System
  • [ELC209] Installation & Maintenance of Electronic Equipments in Cell Phone towers
  • [ELC210] Repair & Maintenance PA & Audio Systems
  • [ELC211] Repair & Maintenance Photocopier and Fax Machine
  • [ELC112] Operation of clinical Equipment
  • [ELC113] Operation of ECG & ICCU Instruments
  • [ELC214] Maintenance of ECG & ICCU Equipment
  • [ELC115] Operation of X-Ray Machine & Dark room Assistance
  • [ELC216] Maintenance of X-Ray Machine
  • [ELC117] Operation of Physiotherapy Equipment
  • [ELC218] Maintenance of Physiotherapy Equipment

Electrical (ELE)

  • [ELE101] Basic Electrical Training
  • [ELE202] Repair of Home Appliance
  • [ELE203] House Wiring
  • [ELE204] Electronic Choke & CFL Assembling
  • [ELE205] Transformer
  • [ELE206] Armature Winding
  • [ELE207] Rewinding of AC/DC Motors
  • [ELE208] Repair of Electrical Power Tools
  • [ELE209] Maintenance of Batteries
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