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Daily Sakal Pune, Monday 11th April 2011

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Big Leap of India in ‘Chip Design’ Industry

Many American Industries are outsourcing ‘Chip Design’ work to India, due to the lead taken by India in the research of ‘Chip Design’ and also because of the high quality of the research. Many employment opportunities will be available in the near future, in this rapidly expanding field of ‘Chip Design’ .

The ‘Chip Design’ industry has got a good thrust due to the large demand of household appliances from the expanding middle class in the country. The annual turnover of this industry may cross a figure of Rs.45000/- crores, within the next 2 years. The ‘Chip Design’ industry is growing with fastest speed during the last 2years. Many employment opportunities will be available in this industry. Though, India and Israel are leading in the research work, in this industry, experts feel that the countries like Taiwan, China can offer stiff competition in production.

Elitrics Exhibition at Delhi

Indian ‘Chip Design’ industry is growing significantly in all branches like hardware, board design, software design and VLSI design which is required for the mass scale production. The estimated growth till 2012 is 17%. Indian semi-conductor organization has predicted this growth. Hon. Telecommunication and Information Technology Minister Shri Kapil Sibal has published the report on this industry on Monday 11th April 2011. It is mentioned in this report that outsourcing from U.S.A has increased considerably due to the quality research in this field by India. Elitrics Exhibition was held in Delhi on 4th and 5th April 2011 to make people aware about the active companies in this industry.

Employment Opportunities

At present, more than 1.5 lakh youths are working in ‘chip design’ industry. In the coming few months, thousands of opportunities will be available for the youths having expertise in the “Embedded Software”. It is estimated that 82% employment will be made available to the persons who have acquired skills in Embedded Software. Similarly, those who have acquired qualification in VLSI technology can also get better opportunities in the field mass production. Lot of man power is available in Pune and around for the research in this field. Hence, after Bangalore, Noida and Hyderabad, this industry is expanding in Pune.

Thrust to ‘Chip Design’

There is increasing demand for 3G, YMAX, LED screen and Automobile electronics. This demand has given thrust to ‘Chip Design’ industry. 34 % of the products in this industry are used for household appliances. Due to revolution in Telecommunication industry in India, 30% of the products are used in Telecommunication industry and 15% are used for wireless communication. We have already taken lead in the research in this industry. Hon. Minister Kapil Sibal expressed that the country should also manufacture high quality “Chips” in India.

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