Certificate Course in VLSI Design

Course Focus

The course focuses on enhancing the skills in designing VLSI systems to match the ever increasing demand of this cutting-edge technology. It also provides intensive training in VHDL / VERILOG and contemporary EDA tools for FPGAs and ASICs.

Course Structure

Batches are conducted in September every year
24 weeks (945 hours), Lectures 2 hrs/day, Practical 5 hrs/day.

Course Fee

Rs. 65,000.00 (To be paid in two installments by Demand Draft drawn in favour of “ICIT Pvt. Ltd., Pune”, within 10 days from selection for admission).


BE / B. Tech. (Electronics, Electronics & Telecommunication, Instrumentation, Electrical), M.Sc. (Electronics & Instrumentation), or equivalent. Final year students may apply.

Course Syllabus

Topic - Click on topic to see detailsNo. of hours

Digital Design & Processor Design

  • Binary arithmetic, Boolean algebra, Logic Gates
  • Combinational circuits, sequential circuits
  • Advanced digital design, processor design
  • Data path & control unit design
  • State machine Design
120 hrs

CMOS VLSI Design and layout

  • CMOS Process and Device technology
  • VLSI Design Principles Hierarchy
  • Stick diagram & Layout Design
  • Testing and Verification
  • Logic Simulation
  • Scaling of MOS circuits
  • Study of CMOS circuits and their electrical, voltage & timing characteristics
175 hrs

HDL Language

  • Detailed Study of verilog - Language Constructs
  • Coding for Simulation and Synthesis
  • Coding Guidelines, Design Interception levels
  • Behavioral, Register Transfer, Gate, Device and Process level
  • Advanced Verilog, Creating and interfacing PLI applications
  • Introduction to VHDL
255 hrs


  • Concept of verification
  • Study of HVL - system Verilog
  • Study of different test bench architectures
  • Script driven test benches
  • System level testing concepts
  • Reuse of test bench components
  • Coverage driven verification
95 hrs


30 hrs

PLD Architecture

  • Fundamentals of Programmable Logic PLD's (PLA, PAL)
  • Architecture of popular CPLD and FPGA families like Xilinx '9500' series, xc4000 & Spartan 3E
90 hrs

Study of Bus Architecture

  • Ethernet, MAC Protocol
  • PCI Bus architecture
  • AXI Protocol, AHB protocol
20 hrs


  • Wireless communication
  • Study of Communication protocols
20 hrs

Soft Skills

  • Communication
  • Technical writing
20 hrs

Project Work

120 hrs
Total945 hrs
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