Twenty first century has dawned with the basis of Science and Technology. Developments, especially in the fields of electronics and computers have revolutionized the world around. The accelerated rate of growth in the last couple of decades has positively affected the lifestyle of people. It has changed the way people communicate with each other, carry out business, get educated or even receive entertainment. Today we find that hospitals, traffic control systems, aviation, space and defence are all primarily based on the modern electronic and computer products.

A variety of microchips power the electronic gadgets. Automation and intelligence of the electronic gadgets have become the popular keywords. Embedded Systems like Microwave ovens, Mobile phones, Washing machines, etc. are normally seen around. Design of such Embedded Systems is a challenging task requiring specialized hardware and software design skills.

Realizing the need for training in the Embedded System design fields, the Department of Electronic Science at Savitribai Phule Pune University have introduced specialized post graduate certificate and diploma courses about a decade ago. More than 6300 students have benefitted by these training programmes and have secured good positions in various high-tech companies and MNCs. The value added technical training amalgamation represented in Convergence is in the form of a variety of quality courses. These put together form the backbone technology for EMBEDDED systems.

The field of advanced digital design is quite fascinating and requires in depth knowledge of diverse disciplines. The academicians, researchers, industry professionals and progressive minded electronics manufacturers should find this amalgamation quite useful as a good starting point for venturing into the world of DSP-VLSI design and applications.

Considering the expanding importance of computers in today’s life, we find newer horizons opening up. The computer field has primarily two segments. One part dealing with service sector encompasses the BPO, KPO, Banking, Database services, etc. This requires some minimal to medium level exposure to computer basics and moderate skill sets. However, the other, more prestigious and high profile opportunities lie in the field of original software development. The software development requires highly trained manpower with specific skill sets. Considering the industry requirements, the Electronic Science Department at Savitribai Phule Pune University has started a new post graduate Certificate Course in Advanced Computing. This PG certificate course will include specific training on Operating Systems, Object Oriented Programming, Software Engineering, Software Project Management, Core JAVA, Microsoft .NET, etc.

Another important point to be noted here is that under a MoU of ICIT with I.S.E.P. (branch of Catholic University) France, the students get one semester exemption in the MS programme of I.S.E.P. in France and scholarships are also available for deserving students.

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